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☑How to engage in conversation with a pretty lady?☑

pretty girls

In this art you need to practice in order not to annoy the interlocutor by your garrulity, not tire and offend her. So, how to keep the conversation going? To become a pleasant companion, you must follow certain rules.

Rules of conversation with pretty women.

  • In conversation, avoid the emphasis on yourself. To pay attention to the interests of others and to hide your own identity is a unique skill.
  • Avoid the topics, that are annoying the interlocutor.
  • Avoid constant dissatisfaction and pessimism.
  • Do not condemn friends in common. Words could be used against you.
  • Do not express your jealousy openly.
  • Your speech should be not too fast and distinct.Pretty lady should understand every word you say. But it is not worth talking too loud - it could cause embarrassment.
  • Do not strike into any subject, your interlocutor could become bored, especially if she does not understands the subject.
  • It is not accepted to grumble at failures or your imperfections.
  • Do not tire your Ukrainian lady with complaints on your health or by talking about the weather.
  • For the conversation to be interesting and informative, it is necessary to call for help your ingenuity and sense of humor. Nothing is better as a good topic of conversation. For example, it is possible to talk about television, sports.
  • Do not tell sensational, but false news. They could not be confirmed and you will feel uncomfortable.
  • Age could be a dangerous topic. Do not express mercy to the elderly.
  • Large indelicacy is a desire to know the reason, why a woman wants to get married after 25 years. Do not inquire why she did not get married earlier.
  • You should not ask lovely brides about their personal life or illnesses.
  • Do not ask about her salary. In general- conversations on this subject could cause hostility. And finally, the most important rule.
  • It is useful to learn not only to speak but also to listen. Then you could become a really good interlocutor, thanks to the ability to carry on a conversation.


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