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How to create dating profile?

create dating profile

1.Filling in Dating profile.

Each questionnaire has a gap, filling which does not take a long time - name, gender, etc. Let us dwell on how to show your individuality. In the questions: "what do you like / dislike", "your character", etc. users on dating sites usually write the standard things: "I love sports, cooking, knitting, reading ...", etc. How do you think, is this an interesting information? The databases on dating sites have millions of profiles, most of which are similar, and if you want to achieve your goal- your profile must be unique. What does it mean? This does NOT mean that you have to come up with a beautiful story about yourself. That means it is necessary to choose a description for yourself, that would express your individuality. You'll have to sit and think.

2.A good profile photo.

In the network, there are many tips on what your photo should be on online dating service, however, people persistently post pictures that do not help in the search for a life partner. For example, a small-sized photo of a full-length, where it is absolutely impossible to see your features. Or something from the family album: a serious character surrounded by a multitude of home decorations. Your photo must be realistic and a good at the same time! So, the basic rules for your profile photos on a dating site are:

  • ☑Photo must be fresh, no variations of the old photos;
  • ☑On the photo should be only you, and as less details as possible (or better do not have any details);
  • ☑You need to smile on pictures;
  • ☑There must be several photos: in the questionnaire you reveal your inner image, on the photos – your outside image. For internet dating - your photos are your chances.

3.The attitude to what is going on.

This is a very important point. Try not to "get attached" to your new acquaintance on correspondence. Treat them just like good friends, do not let yourself fall in love with those, who you have not even met in real life. Let's say you've met and became interested in each other. Do not build castles in the air about your possible future in your thoughts. Consider that you have just met a new good friend. Many men become frightened because of the first dating and possible disappointment. If you imagine that you just have to meet with a distant relative, whom you have never seen - it will be much easier. Remember- the less expectations - the less frustrating. First of all, during correspondence and more close communication, try to become friends: friendship makes any relationship strong as a concrete.

4.Behavior rules.

About the basic behavior rules read in the article "Top 10 rules how to meet single ukrainian women» In order not to spend too much time "wasted" ,work out your own "rules of reference" and stick to them strictly.

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