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☑Main gross blunders during the communication with dating girls in Chat rooms☑

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1. Brag

Some people believe that bragging of a new car or high salary will impress others. This is partly true. It impresses ... fools. Smart people will find such braggers not interesting. When someone tries to elevate himself- it immediately catches the eye, and, as a rule, such efforts produce the opposite effect.

2.Too much advice

All people like to give a bit of advice, especially in the online chat rooms. There is nothing surprising. When someone tells you about their problems - the first thing that comes to mind is to support, share experience, but sometimes they just need a person to talk to. Learn to refrain from commenting, when you feel that they may be unnecessary. Typically, dating women ask for advice themselves, when they really need it. In this case, try not to overdo it. Too active adviser may seem too fixated on himself, who believes that he knows all the answers. Those who are faced with a real problem, are annoyed by such people.

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3. "Me ... and me ... and me..."

There are people who could discuss only one topic – beloved themselves. They turn any dialogue into a monologue about themselves. It's annoying. Here are a couple of the most common ways to put the stigma of a disgusting interlocutor on a person:

  • ☑a) by constantly interrupting interlocutors in mid-word by a phrase: "That is nothing, listen what I have.." and beginning to tell his story.
  • ☑b) during the dialogue, instead of listening to the interlocutor, just waitting for his turn to speak.
  • ☑c) by trying to switch any topic to the one, that is interesting for him and desperately cling to keep it even after it run low.
  • ☑d) by chatting too much.

4. Gossips

Remember, that they could go beyond the chat room and cause problems. Have decided to talk with a with new friend about a hideous outfit of a lady, sitting next to you or a neighbor's latest affair? Then do not be surprised if it would be your last conversation with this beautiful girl. Telling gossips and discussing others is not interesting for everyone. Of course, such conversations give a sense of superiority, but at the same time, they include a lot of negative things. They are boring, useless and leave an unpleasant aftertaste behind. In addition, if you are happy to discuss other, your interlocutor could think that if he goes away -you'll gossip about him - it will kill any desire to communicate with you.

5. Fear of making a mistake

One of the biggest mistakes in conversation is a constant fear of making a mistake. When people are too focused on how to impress a pleasant companion, it immediately catches the eye – the person picks up every word, and his thoughts are focused somewhere deep inside, not on the dialog. Be easier. Think about what you say and say what you think.

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