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Do not post on a dating site:

Fuzzy, blurry, dark and light-struck photos
Small or greatly enlarged photos
Low quality photos
Photos, that as a result of bungle scanning, became worse than their originals
Photo portraits with cropped top or bottom part (horizontal rectangle photo), as they will be much reduced
Photos with the logos of other dating sites
Photos in which the face is not visible (covered with hair, hands, shoulders, big hat)
Photos in dark glasses
Photos taken for passport or another document
Photos taken a few years ago;
Photos, where your children, friends, girl-friends, colleagues, relatives are together with you
Photos, where you were taken with the man, and there is a snip of his hand, gently hugging you, or snip of a cheek, clung to your ear
Photos, where you are wearing military or police uniform;
Photos with bouquets in your hands (it conveys the suggestion that the flowers are from another man, and the picture was taken by the delivery service) collages
Photos with the remote background and the results of other amateur editing
Tiny, 100-200 pixels, photos
The photos, where you take only 1/100 of the whole space.

What are the best photos for the dating foreigners site?

  • ☑1. Make professional photos
    Do not skimp, get the best photographer in town. Trust a professional - he will be able to find in you what you did not suspect.
  • ☑2. Photo should always be a close shot
  • ☑3. Smile! Even if you don't know how.
    Women always pay attention to the eyes and smile, they are looking for a cheerful and open gaze.
  • ☑4. NO to black-and-white photographs
    Even if your best photos are black and white, give preference to color one. And even better - make new color pictures!
  • ☑5. You are a master of working with images?
    Display your skills, so that the photo looked the most natural.

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